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Shawn Snider, Certified Nurse Practitioner, is the founder of The Advanced Center of Integrative Medicine. He has worked in the field of integrative men’s health since 2005 and integrative women’s health since 2006. He has dedicated his life to understanding disease prevention. He started studying integrative hormone therapy as a student in high school. After four years in the Marine Corps he completed his undergraduate at Bradley University. He worked as a registered nurse while completing his MSN at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. His thesis topic was to uncover harms and dangers of hormone replacement therapy. It was changed to a prevalence study when he was unable to find substantial evidence. He started as a nurse practitioner in men’s health after completing training. He founded a business known as Rejuv in 2008 and ACI Medicine in 2013. He completed his fellowship in age management medicine in 2011 and is currently working on another in metabolic disease management.

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The providers at the Advanced Center for Integrative Medicine believe that to treat a client we must understand the most important elements of each person’s individual needs, which include genetic & lifestyle factors, hormone health, toxic burdens, infectious conditions, previous treatments, individual health care goals, and nutritional needs.

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