How incorporating the right supplements into your health routine can keep you well and free from ‘dis-ease!’

Immunity 101

Our immune systems are hardwired for health. Made up of organs, cells and microbes, they are troops on a mission to keep us healthy.

The innate immune system is what we’re born with and the adaptive immune system is what we develop as our bodies are exposed to foreign microbes, viruses, bacteria, toxins (chemicals produced by microbes), etc.

This is not to simplify something very complex, however! Your immune system is incredible….and incredibly complex. There is a fine line between knowing just how hard to fight off illnesses and infections without overdoing it, which can cause allergies and other autoimmune diseases.

Genetic Influence Might Be Less of a Factor Than You Think

To add to the complexity, genetics also play a role in chronic illness which can affect our body’s ability to fight off acute illness, too. To what extent our genes control the show is far less than we once believed. We now know that, when it comes to chronic illness, genes are only 5-15% of the picture.

This is good news!

We don’t have to be “victims” of our genetics like we once thought we did (thanks to always evolving science)! And, the more chronic illness we can avoid, the better for our overall health.

The original science blaming genetics for everything was extremely narrow-minded. It was exclusive of the protective membranes or “gatekeepers” around the DNA. Those are the bouncers that can be influenced but, like Studio 54, they’re picky about who they let in.

How Supplements Help

Okay, so how do we get in to the health club (more on influencing our DNA and chronic illness in another blog)

We utilize factors within our control such as diet, exercise, environment, nature, meditation (and so much more) to our advantage. Part of that puzzle is supplementation.

But, why, if we have these amazing immune systems, do we need supplements?

The bioavailability of the foods we eat isn’t what it used to be. Sometimes, old age is just as tough on Mother Nature!

  • Our soil isn’t as rich and pure so it lacks the nutrients that once gave produce even more vitamins and minerals than it has now.
  • Our systems are taxed with anxiety, stress and dis-ease, making it harder for us to absorb nutrients properly.
  • Our diets include a heck of a lot more processed and refined foods, sugars and oils so we’re vastly out of balance.

It’s not that supplements will allow us to continue eating food that doesn’t fuel us or just sit around, lacking movement. Sorry, nope! Instead, they should be thought of as complements to a healthy lifestyle. It’s a tandem effort in that you’re doing everything you can to stay healthy and then the supplements….well, they supplement your health and immunity!

Where Should I Start?

To keep your immune system strong, our top picks are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Quercetin
  • Probiotics
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Garlic (you can also eat raw garlic but we have a capsule if you’d rather not!)

While we can’t advise your individual needs in a blog, we can take a closer look to learn what you specifically might be lacking. Contact us to learn more –  or  – for detailed testing that examines your chemical makeup, request an appointment.



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The providers at the Advanced Center for Integrative Medicine believe that to treat a client we must understand the most important elements of each person’s individual needs, which include genetic & lifestyle factors, hormone health, toxic burdens, infectious conditions, previous treatments, individual health care goals, and nutritional needs.

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